Meet the Full iVirtual Team.




30 years experience in gaming, finance, marketing research, robotics and private equity. 



23 years of experience in leading billion dollar brands to market share leaderships for organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Mars Inc, TD Bank, PwC and Hudson's Bay.

CTO & Chief Scientist

PhD University of Toronto Computer Science. Specializes in computer vision, robotics and neural networks. 

Senior Software Engineer

Degree in Electronic Engineering. An expert on embedded systems, graphics displays, game and web development. He has also done work on natural language and big data. 

Our Team.

Edgar Baum

Edgar is the world's first Chief Brand Economist, founder and CEO of Avasta Incorporated, and a Board Advisor for iVirtual.  Edgar applies his expertise by integrating behavioural science, mathematics, corporate valuation, risk and volatility modelling, strategic objectives, and corporate/brand culture to deliver quantitative insights to Fortune 500 companies. Edgar is also an advisor to: The Forbes CMO Practice, MASB, LES and the ISO, and a Lecturer at University of Toronto on Financial Brand Management for graduate students.

Carol Chong

Carol is a Board Advisor for iVirtual and currently a Director at Sklar, Wilton & Associates, a premier boutique consulting agency in Toronto that specializes in business strategy, consumer insights and strategic facilitation. She joins iVirtual with over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, strategic planning, product innovation and consumer insights.   Carol has advised beloved global brands including M&Ms, Mars, Four Seasons, Tim Horton’s, Molson and Dyson.

Seamus Donoghue

Seamus is a Board Advisor for iVirtual, and currently the co-Founder of Bit-Harbor – distributed blockchain security for enterprises.  Formerly Managing Director of Lykke Asia, and having held senior positions at Barclays, Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, and more, Seamus brings deep domain expertise in financial markets, commodity, wealth management, and crypto & blockchain market structure, regulation and technology.

Aidan Tracey

Former CEO of sgcso, a globally leading company that provides print design for Fortune 500 companies in the CPG industry, and Board Advisor for iVirtual, Aidan is a valued team member with over 20 years of business experience. His wide range of skills including brand building, integrated media solutions and field marketing solutions, have led him to building successful, globally recognizable companies. Aidan has brought his skills and expertise to companies such as Interbrew, Mosaic Sales Solutions and Acosta Sales and Marketing. 

Sean McSweeney

Leading the retail partnership vertical for iVirtual, Sean was formerly a career retailer at MEC, and the author of The Gender Intelligent Retailer.  He has brought his insights to companies such as Best Buy, Home Depot and others as a consultant and is a sought-after retail commentator for local and national media, retail trade shows and business school.

Rick King, MBA, CPA, CA

Rick is a seasoned financial executive and a Board Advisor for iVirtual.  Currently the CFO of The Morgan Investments Group, Rick is responsible for all aspects of its real estate, hospitality and industrial investments. Prior to this this Rick has been the CFO of Confederation Power Inc., CFO of Poscor Mill Services Corp., VP Finance of Magna International Inc., and an audit partner at both Deloitte & Touche LLP and Arthur Andersen LLP.

Diego Struwe

Leading the European Business Development for iVirtual, Diego has been a sales executive for more than 20 years, in the medical and private label industries.  His personable nature, strong communications skills and professional presentation have continuously helped him forge strong relationships with key accounts.  Diego is Swiss and Canadian, he speaks english, german, french and swiss german. 

JL Schmidt

A Board Advisor for iVirtual and formerly the Product Ownership Director for App Colony, JL has been driving deadlines, budgets, and delivering quality digital projects for 20 years. Her operations experience across clients like Nike, Adidas, Hyatt, Procter & Gamble, and Mercedes-Benz, and has given her a track record of working with the hardest, most demanding client partners – managing to consistently keep large, dispersed teams focused, ensuring priorities and goals are kept in perspective. 

Mihail Nikulin

Co-founder and CTO of Lykke, a Swiss Fintech company that is building a global marketplace based on blockchain, and a Board Advisor for iVirtual.  Mihail is an architect and designer with over 10 years of experience in creating market solutions for financial institutions, including Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Detection and Financial Markets Compliance solutions. Combines deep knowledge of financial architecture with Blockchain technology.

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